Recolitus Proeliator II



Recs stands six and half feet tall with an imposing figure weighing in somewhere around 350 pounds. This makes him a formidable opponent to any other race simply due to stature and apparent strength. He is considered average build among the Dragonborn. His scales are a dark reddish grey hue, resembling the color of a red clay pot that has not yet been fired in an oven.


History: Recolitus II’s grandfather was a young warrior at the time that their city fell into the new world that they now know. He named his son Recolitus for his intense and strong ties to the family and its reputation. As a young dragonborn, Recolitus joined the military and became the youngest Lance Guard in the Dragonborn’s recent history. The Dragonborn calendar had been reset to the date at which their land was “relocated”. However this should not seem to diminish the accomplishment of Recolitus. He displayed great prowess in the battlefield and discernment in military politic. Upon his promotion to a ranking official and assignment as head of an elite team, he married and three years after had Recolitus II and a daughter two years later. Years passed and the establishment of the Dragonborn in their new land became more and more evident. The governing officials of the city talked of removing martial law from the city in hopes of stimulating trade and prosperity. The primary advocate and initiator of the movement was found two days later outside the city. He had been killed and dismembered. His head was found impaled on a dragon’s talon through the severed neck and the point through his mouth. This sent a shockwave that resonated through the military government down through the citizens. Consequently, this ended any hope of a non-martial rule. Groups were tasked to search out and destroy the dragon and any others responsible for the atrocity. Results were miniscule and aggression faded as time went on. Recolitus now began to bring up the idea of open trade and borders of the region. The people were once again invigorated by the idea as a means to economic prosperity and as a way to pay homage to the fallen comrade who gave his life for his people in hopes of accomplishing trade across their borders. After deliberation the military council appointed Recolitus emissary to the surrounding lands to mature relations with the intent of trade. Upon his return he was called before the council and accused of hostile aggression to the neighboring cities and defaming the Dragonborn name through unrestrained decadence. He was stripped of rank and power and placed under military protection through fear of civil retaliation. Upon his return to the council floor, Recolitus pleaded with the council to consider that this was the machination of the same dragon to cripple the Dragonborn. He was dismissed from the council for one week and told to return awaiting their decision. The week passed and once again in front of the council he pleaded his innocence and the plot of the dragon against their people. The council granted him the opportunity to reclaim his honor and assigned him to investigate his suspicion. Over the course of the next year Recolitus II joined the military in hopes of following in his father’s footsteps and to aid in the reclamation of the family’s honor. Recolitus returned with the name of the dragon, Depraedor (to lay waste) and the suspected lair at which he resided. The council quietly gave Recolitus a small force of warriors and told him to slay Depraedor to restore the honor of himself and the Dragonborn. With what seemed to be an underequipped group, Recolitus ventured out to destroy Depraedor. He had suspicions as to why he was not given a stronger force but did not desire to be shamed any more than he already had to deal with so he continued on his mission. When they arrived at the lair they were ambushed by a large group and a dragon who introduced himself as Depraedor. The group fought with all their might and eventually were all destroyed. Recolitus’ head was sent to the council who announced to the people that he had lashed out blaming his lack of discretion and loss of honor on a dragon and consequently died due to blind aggression. Those who knew Recolitus well doubted what the council said. Recolitus II after hearing this was infuriated with the council for what he knew could not be true. He began to suspect a conspiracy between the council and the dragon. His suspicions were bolstered after the council unanimously voted to open the city up to trade. Recolitus II formulated his conspiracy plot in such a way that the council had been infiltrated by the dragon Depraedor and in exchange for his father’s life they would be allowed relatively safe trade with the surrounding cities. In order to investigate his theory, Recolitus II worked his way into the position of his father, emissary of trade. He now has the ability to move from city to city unsupervised by the Dragonborn hierarchy. Before he leaves the city to travel to Chessenta, he tries to gather as much information he can in the city.

Personality: Recolitus II lets little get in the way of his honor or determination for the restoration of his family’s honor. He has a strong sense of justice, but is not opposed to bending the rules as he sees fit at the time. This does not however circumvent his priority of honor or justice. He is hesitant to reveal his name to others for fear of a lack of cooperation from people while on his expedition for truth. He is likeable and tends to be a leader in situations where no formal leadership has been established or found competent. While he doesn’t necessarily seek out others, Recolitus II usually leaves on good terms with those he meets and seldom if ever burns his bridges with people. While money is important, the necessity for survival supersedes all else. If it came down to it he would rather live to fight another day than push his fortune for material or monetary gain. Recolitus II holds himself to a standard that he does not expect others to meet or even understand in its entirety. This does not cause him to be hostile to others, but rather to think that they are not as fortunate as he. He tries not to dwell on the past but rather use it as a means to fuel his ambitions to achieve his goals. He views the his past, specifically concerning his father, as proof that corruption exists even in what appears to be even the most honorable and safe. He is not a pessimist but is skeptical of most everything and prefers to know what he is getting into before proceeding.

Recolitus Proeliator II

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