Eluriel-Shalannah is an eladrin wizard. Her wisdom and intelligence are known. She will protect her loved ones at all costs.


Elle’s AC is 17 and her HP is 35. Because of this and of being a wizard, Elle is a ranged fighter. Elle carries a longsword and a wand which she can weild on command. She carries both continually. Elle has an intelligence stat of 21 and Arcana of 18. She is the brains of the group, and knows it. If you need any information regarding territory, creatures, or magical items; she most likely knows. Though her HP is low, Elle occasionally likes to get in the action with her comrades and use her longsword. She likes to do as much damage of possible. Which is why she has many area burst spells. She wants to take as many out as she can. The quicker the enemy is destroyed, the safer her friends and the caravan, she is helping to protect, will be. Elle speaks common and Elven but can cast spells to understand languages. However, other party members in the group can understand and speak other languages.

She is not skilled in stealth, or dungeneering, or things of the sort. They are of little importance to her, so why excel in them?


Eluriel is an Eladrin wizard. Her comrades call her Elle. She is 150 years old, so quite knowledgeable is things of magic and the Feywild. Her eyes are green opaque that seem to be able to pierce into your soul. She will look directly at you so you can see her confidence. She carries markings of her people and sentimental items.

Elle is from the Feywild, which is a magical land. It is covered with towering trees that seem to reach into the heavens. Their growth provides shade for those creatures living below. The trees seem to whisper to those who are willing to listen. They speak words of wisdom. They are, after all, the oldest in the land. The land is covered in light, with an etheral feel. Things appear to glisten all around you. The waters are so clear, that you can perfectly see the reflection of the sky. The wind brings songs throughout the land. The voices are so beautiful, they can entrance the listener.

Elle perfectly remembers her home. She has been traveling since her expultion from the Feywild during the Spellplague. She has some history with humans. Friends she made as a child. However, with them now long gone, she wanders this land, protecting their offsprings. She first joined the caravan because her human friends where traveling north. She has bound to protect them and will do so at all costs. However, something came along she did not expect. The chance for companionship.

She began her journey being closed off and rude to her comrades, however, has began to have quite a liking for them, whether she shows it or not. She is slowly being able to call them friends. Because Elle was expelled from the Feywild she desperately wants to return to it, yet is unaware as to how. Elle will follow leadership, but not if its against her own personal morals and beliefs. She is a protector and prides herself in doing so. She is a loyal friend, once she makes them, and would gladly die for any of them. Being personable is not her best trait, however, if someone can stick around long enough to get to know her and vice versa, she is quite enjoyable. She is stubborn, knowing she is right. However, that has began to ease as unexplainable things happen. She has recently met a drow, sworn enemies of the Eldrin. He was not what she expected, in fact, the exact opposite. He protected others, was kind and knowledgeable. Could it be she actually respected him?

She is comfortable in voicing her opinion. Elle has difficulty trusting others, but, once again, once she gets to know you, will trust you with her life, though she is probably better anyway. She is stubborn and set in her ways. Elle is devout to her god Corellon. Since she is an eladrin, she feels she is better than most other species. She has little cares for things going on, unless they directly affect her. She is also a wizard…and a good one. She knows it, but also does what she can to continually hone and perfect her skills. She is interested in the caravans destination, because the city, built by wizards, has always fascinated her. Besides, they may have a way home into the Feywild.


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