Aoth Ramaih

Aoth was born in Muhuland where his father was a cleric of Horas-Re. At an early age he embraced the calling on his life and began training with a paladin of Horas-Re named Rom. Rom was sent by his Order to Unther were he trained Aoth until his death during an ambush of Lamias. During the time of training Aoth always followed Rom’s commands to the letter and initially life without that direct leadership was hard. Since that time, Aoth has filled that void with the friendship of many creatures and peoples.

Some of those friends include the local townsfolk, elves within the woods and even the passion of a Nymph. In addition, Aoth is skilled as herbalist and put his ability to persuade people to use as a merchant.

Aoth’s has been tasked by his order to counter the acts of Tiamat’s followers. In order accomplish this Aoth moved to Unthalass where Tiamat’s followers seem most active. Upon moving to Unthalass, Aoth was greatly affected by the suffering of the children and poor and has spent most of his personal funds to feed the hungry by donating to local poorhouse.

Aoth lives by the code, do everything in your power to protect the weak, oppressed and children. Vanquish the vile. Offer assistance to all unless it would enable evil. Taking life solely for vengeance is wrong. Whenever possible, culprits should be brought before a just trial. Understand, pain is usually a companion on the road to righteousness. However, there is no greater calling then to ease others pain whenever you can. Every new follower of Horus-Re is a blessing and a burden. The foundation for all choices is maat.

Aoth Ramaih

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