Lamias were once evil and cruel creatures that take pleasure in causing suffering. They particularly targeted those who served the cause of good.

A typical lamia was about 8 feet long and weighs about 700 pounds.

This creature seemed to be a cross between a stunningly attractive human and a sleek lion. It looked human from the waist up, with the body of a lion below that.

After the Spellplague, lamias physical features and motivation took on a new form.

Lamias now lure victims to their deaths by assuming a pleasing humanoid guise. Some lamias, driven by the need to consume other sentient creatures, simply stalk humanoids wherever they can find them. Others possess a twisted thirst for knowledge, seeking to acquire arcane lore and magical power at any cost.

In its true form, a lamia is a a swarm of black scarab beetles assembled into a coherent mass around the flesh-stripped bones of powerful fey creature. This swarm shares a single intelligence and can mask itself in the guise of an attractive humanoid. It sometimes appears to be a human, elf, eladrin, or drow partly comprised of scores of beetles.


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